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Di Franco University

Built to motivate others to succeed, Di Franco University offers a plethora of free content that is derived through 10+ years of my own self-experience as a content creator. From weekly articles to a resources page that displays tools that are proven to work, Di Franco University has something that all creators can appreciate — knowledge.

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Nintendo Switch Today

Focused on you, the gamer, Nintendo Switch Today is a fansite all about the Nintendo Switch. The website features a community blog of new and original content, a gallery of screenshots taken in-game, and even photos of Switch setups submitted by gamers alike. Nintendo Switch Today is an experimental project of mine that I would like to see develop into something larger.

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David's Patreon Campaign

Originally launched in June 2014, my Patreon campaign has not only proven to be a reliable source of income, but it's also allowed me to deliver content in ways that were never previously possible. My campaign's website features all 100+ exclusive vlogs accessible by patrons, as well as my monthly Patreon Update posts that are available to the public.

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