My Videos | YouTube has changed my life.

July 15, 2006 is a date that I will forever remember. It's the exact day I registered as "thecreativeone" on YouTube. Since then, my life has changed dramatically, and for the better. From sharing some of life's most important moments through vlogging to providing in-depth reviews on the latest technology, creating original video content for the world to enjoy is something I am deeply passionate about. Through that passion, I've managed to create a community of 155,000+ subscribers. And let me tell you, it wasn't easy.

At some point over the years, my love for YouTube turned into a paying career. It's why I am proud to call myself a content creator. The opportunity to get paid for doing something I enjoy is a dream that I'm sure is had by many. Not a day goes by that I don't realize how fortunate I truly am. But of course, none of this happened overnight. Making a living online requires a ton of time and effort. Oh, and especially patience.

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155,000+ Subscribers


55+ Million Views


2,200+ Videos

Technology Reviews & Unboxings

From smartphones to 4K monitors, I am constantly looking to get my hands on the latest technology and sharing my in-depth thoughts.

Questions and Answers

Powered by the all-new Di Franco University Forum, I answer questions submitted by the community. Topics can relate to anything.

Family Vlogs & Entertainment

To my audience, Monday is widely known as weekend vlog day. Join my family and me once a week for an insight into our personal lives.

Exclusive Vlogs

Accessible only by patrons, a feature-length exclusive vlog is uploaded every Friday. Learn more by taking a look at my Patreon campaign.