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"Like his viewers, I trust David, and I think that's ultimately what led me to reach out to him rather than spending money elsewhere. David made it simple to pass along the information I wanted to give to his audience and it didn't feel like a generic promotion - it felt personal."

 - Jon Prosser, Front Page Tech

"The experience was great, I got some nice messages from new subscribers from your community. The video promotion you provided was spot on."

 - Dave Cryer, Geekanoids

"I have advertised with a handful of third party individuals and none of them came close to producing the results I’ve seen since I’ve been advertising on your platform. Your motivation, passion and technique for creating professional content defines excellence."

 - Lewis Beasley, A Geek With Color

"David adds his strong expertise in marketing to give your product great exposure to his very large developed base on YouTube and his strong website presence. I give it a double thumbs up."

Peter Gregg, A Better Bounce Card