David Di Franco

Twitch Commands

Twitch !commands

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!monitor - Links my primary monitors
!mouse - Links my primary mouse
!otter - He's out of water
!patreon - Patreon
!prime - Twitch Prime
!psn - PlayStation Network
!specs - Links my gaming PC parts
!subs - Current subscribers count
!switch - Nintendo Switch friend code
!time - Displays my local time
!twitter - Twitter
!uptime - Displays stream's uptime
!xbl - Xbox Live gamertag
!youtube - YouTube

!discord - Discord
!donate - Donate via PayPal
!facebook - Facebook
!followers - Current followers count
!fortnite - Try it and see what happens
!game - Displays the current game I'm playing
!gfuel - G Fuel discount
!headphones - Links my primary headphones
!humble - Humble Bundle
!instagram - Instagram
!keyboard - Links my primary keyboard
!kit - Links my PC gaming setup, gaming collection, and more
!maui - Yep