My Photography | Capturing anything from everything.

Photography, much like video content, is a medium that I have always taken great interest in. From capturing life's moments to viewing everyday objects from unique perspectives, getting the right shot is important to me. One of my favorite aspects about photography is sharing my work with others. And while I by no means consider myself to be a professional, I have certainly learned a lot over the years — primarily through self-experience.

Most photographers will usually tell you that gear doesn't matter, which I typically agree with. After all, snapping a good photo isn't something everyone is capable of doing. Many factors come into play, such as getting the right composition by applying the rule of thirds. However, I do find it interesting to see the kinds of results that can come out of specific cameras. As a technology geek, that's important to me.

Below you can find a few galleries of mine, each categorized by the camera that was used to take these photos. For editing photos, my preferred apps of choice are Adobe Lightroom, Snapseed and Instagram.

iPhone 7 Plus

LG V20

iPhone 6s

Canon EOS 80D

LG V10

Canon EOS Rebel T4i