David Di Franco


Personal Website Redesign for 2019


With the recent introduction of Di Franco Media and all the work I have been putting into my other projects, such as David’s Patreon Campaign, it’s no secret that I enjoy staying busy. However, at some point, it’s easy to lose focus on everything that I have put out over time — hence the purpose behind today’s rollout of my newest project to date, a complete redesign of this very website! It’s time to scale back a bit and focus on what really matters.

Redesign with purpose

When brainstorming my personal website redesign, I wanted to go with a layout that had purpose behind it. As much content as I publish, sometimes it can be tough to consolidate it all into one place. Yet at the same time, I didn’t want to overcomplicate things with clutter. After all, I am a big fan of the phrase, “Less is more.” That was my driving factor with this redesign in the first place.

After much back and forth, I decided on something I am truly proud of. Not only does my new homepage have a beautiful and simplistic design, but it encourages visitors to learn more about my projects. No longer is there unnecessary content distracting you from what matters most. Upon arriving at the website, you immediately have an idea of what to do next. That is what I was going for.

My portfolio, simplified

Now it’s easier than ever to get a quick glance at my projects and the data that represents me as a brand. Curious about Di Franco Media? Not a problem, there’s a page for that. My Patreon campaign? Yep, it’s there. And of course, the same can be said for Twitch Tips, which is actually scheduled for a significant redesign sometime soon. Combined with HostPapa and the power of Elementor, I cannot wait to read your feedback on what I come up with.

In addition to showcasing my websites, I’ve also made my Media Kit a priority. As you can see on the homepage, the data behind my brand is just a click away. Transparency has always been important to me, so I’m excited to finally put this in the spotlight. This will also help greatly with any brands that are interested in working with me.

Resources are everything

A common page you likely see on almost every website of mine is a collection of resources. Implementing such a page is important to me. It’s my chance to help others find the right tools for the job. From selecting an affordable web host to helping with your first email marketing campaign, I don’t waste your time with nonsense. I have years of experience with a variety of resources, so it’s critical that I only promote the best.

Check out the Resources page for a full list of products and services that I can recommend with confidence. This collection will be updated over time, so be sure to check back frequently.

More to come

As with any website redesign, there is plenty more to come. Whether it’s my personal website or some upcoming changes to Di Franco Media, I encourage you to explore and take a look around. My work is important to me, as is your feedback. If you have any ideas that you would like to see come to life, get in touch with me via the Contact page. As I like to say, my inbox is always open.

Thank you so much for your support. I would not be here today if it weren’t for you.