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Patreon Update: December 2016

Welcome to my Patreon Update for December 2016. This is my monthly report of how my Patreon campaign is performing, as well as my chance to thank everyone for their ongoing support.

As always, let's get started with last month's earnings. Below you can see my transparency report regarding all the pledges that were received and processed for November.

November 2016 Earnings

Wow! Would you look at those numbers below? November was an incredible month for my Patreon campaign:

  • Pledged: $3,363.00
  • Service Fees: $390.27
  • Processed: $2,972.73
Pledge amounts shown for the current month are not final.

Pledge amounts shown for the current month are not final.


With the holidays right around the corner, I am constantly reminded of how truly fortunate I am to be able to create and share videos with so many people on such a grand scale. It really is an amazing opportunity, and I couldn't be more thankful. This is especially true if you look at the kind of support my Patreon campaign has been receiving for the past several months. And to think how far it's come since the beginning... Well, it's just awe-inspiring.

So, why the sudden drastic increase in earnings? I think it's safe to assume that the holidays have something to do with it. After all, I have been promising all $5+ patrons early access to my holiday videos — and I have yet to fail them. "Thanksgiving 2016" and "Black Friday 2016" were both accessible by patrons days before public release.

As you can probably tell, I take a lot of pride in getting my content out as fast as I possibly can. It's my way of coming through for those who go above and beyond by pledging monthly. And it's going to be no different with my "Christmas 2016" series. Christmas Day is on a Sunday this year, which means I'm going to try my best to get all three parts finished and uploaded for patrons by Tuesday. If that doesn't work, then definitely Wednesday.

In regards to public release, "Christmas 2016" will be published for everyone on Sunday, January 1st. This gives patrons plenty of time to enjoy their early access, as well as a few days  for me to take off and enjoy some relaxation with the family.

With all that said, I'm excited to see what 2017 brings. I already have some big plans in mind, which I will talk about in future weekend vlogs. But for now, let's focus on the holidays and enjoy them while we can.

$25+ Pledge Promotions

Every month I promote websites and/or services ran by those who are kind enough to pledge within the $25+ tier. Please take a moment to review anything below that you may find interesting:

SeekWiz | A Location Sharing Platform

Callum Coyne's Instagram

Joel Shaw: Web Developer | Graphic Designer

Michael Eng's YouTube Channel

If your pledge is $25+ and you are not featured above, please contact me right away.

Monthly $25 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

For this month's $25 Amazon gift card giveaway, I would like to congratulate Kevin Michael Martinez for winning December's drawing! You'll be hearing from me shortly.


Well, I suppose this is it for 2016. I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has made the last 12 months a huge success for my business. You are quite literally changing my life. Thank you for being you.

Happy Holidays!