David Di Franco


My Long Term Plans for Patreon


Ever since my Patreon campaign launched in June 2014, it has seen all kinds of interesting changes. My campaign has received its own dedicated website, in addition to what is possibly the most valuable perk of them all — 200+ exclusive vlogs. Patreon is an incredibly important platform to me, so it’s critical that I stay on top of things and consistently introduce new content that makes every pledge tier worth the investment. That includes goals to work towards.

Today I would like to briefly discuss two new long term goals that I have set up for my Patreon campaign. And I mean long term. These will obviously take some time to achieve, but with a little bit of patience and lots of hard work, I see no reason for discouragement. After all, I’m not one to back away from a challenge. Let’s dive into some details.

24/7 Live Office Stream (Goal: $4,000/month)

Remember back in 2008 when I was obsessed with live streaming via Ustream? It was all the craze, as you can see from my excitement in this video. This was before the days of Twitch, so streaming was still relatively new and exciting. I want to bring that excitement back in modern format. I’m talking about a 24/7 live stream from my office, accessible only by patrons. However, to make this happen, some things are going to have to fall into place first. This is where the $4,000 goal comes into play.

Streaming 24/7 will not only require quite the commitment from myself, but it will also be costly. Between purchasing (or possibly building?) a dedicated computer specifically for streaming and paying for bandwidth costs, running a 24/7 live stream doesn’t come cheap. But I can tell you one thing… It would so be worth it. Imagine the excitement of tuning in every day, not knowing what to expect. Interacting with the chat room alone could be a lot of fun.

Ad-free YouTube Content (Goal: $5,000/month)

How does YouTube without advertisements sound? If you ask me, I’m all for it. Unfortunately, as of right now, it’s simply not realistic. YouTube revenue is still something I rely on every month to pay the bills. Sure, it’s not as effective as it used to be, but it certainly makes a difference in my daily routine. But with that said, what if I were to suddenly remove ads on all future uploads of mine? Wouldn’t that be great?

In order to sustain a monthly income that supports everything I do, I’ve set up a goal of $5,000 per month on Patreon. If the community can surpass this goal, then you can consider YouTube ads a thing of the past. This would apply to patrons and non-patrons, so everyone wins. Of course, this goal is going to be the most difficult of them all, but I believe we can make this happen. It’s simply going to take a little while.

Anything else?

Community feedback is important to me, particularly when it’s related to Patreon. If you have anything that you’d like to see introduced to my campaign, just speak up! Whether it’s new content you are interested in or you have an idea for new goals to implement, I want to hear from you. You can either comment right below or email me using the Contact page. Let’s talk.