David Di Franco


Introducing 25 Gadgets of Christmas

Can you believe that it's already been ten years since I have started uploading Christmas videos to YouTube? So much has changed since 2006, including my outlook on video content and especially the YouTube community in general. I'm constantly looking for ways to improve my videos, particularly around the holidays. After all, December is the best month of the year, so it's only fitting that I do something special.

This year I have decided to challenge myself and publish one video every day leading up to Christmas Day, all part of a series that I like to call 25 Gadgets of Christmas. Every day from December 1st–25th, I will be featuring one gadget that I feel others would be interested in during this holiday season — each conveniently linked in their respective video description.

To get started with 25 Gadgets of Christmas, simply watch Day 1 right below! Each video will be added to a YouTube playlist, making it easy to watch the series in consecutive order.

You may have noticed the fancy new titles I'm using. For more information on how I made these, check out my newest post on Di Franco University — 30 Holiday Introduction Titles for Final Cut Pro X

Happy Holidays!