David Di Franco


Experimental Project: Nintendo Switch Today

Not too long ago in a vlog, I mentioned that I had purchased an existing website with the hopes of turning it into my own. While the process took a little longer than I originally anticipated, I'm excited to unveil what I have been working on. It's called Nintendo Switch Today.

Nintendo Switch Today is a website all about the Nintendo Switch and the community of gamers behind it. The website has a very simple media-rich approach that is currently broken down into four categories:

Games  |  Blog  |  Setups  |  Screenshots

When I purchased Nintendo Switch Today from its original owner, the website only featured a blog. I knew I wanted to do something more unique — something that stood out from other Switch fansites. But at the same time, I knew the blog needed to stay. After all, having some form of dynamic content tends to help a new website grow and mature.

And then it hit me. What if Nintendo Switch Today had a heavy emphasis on displaying interesting images submitted by the community? The Switch console just happens to have a dedicated screenshot button, so why not? And thus the website was born.

Getting into details, let's break down Nintendo Switch Today and see what's going on.


If you're ever curious about all the physical games that are currently available for the Switch, this is the page to visit. All games are displayed in a nice grid-like fashion, each title linked to its respective page on Amazon. See something you like? Simply click the box art, buy it on Amazon, and you're done.

Of course, it's worth noting that Nintendo Switch Today is participating in the Amazon Associates program. In other words, any sales that are generated via the website, I receive a small commission in return. These websites of mine can't be run for free, so this is my way of supporting myself. And besides, it's better than displaying annoying ads that can ruin the experience.


The blog is easily the most important aspect of Nintendo Switch Today. Much like TekSocial back in the day, this blog is completely powered by the community. Writers are free to submit content of any kind, just as long as it relates to the Switch. From game news to reviews, this blog features it all.

If you're interested in writing for Nintendo Switch Today, click here to submit your writer application. In an effort to preserve the quality of the blog's content, not all writers can be accepted. Please keep grammar and composition in mind when applying.


Do you by chance remember an old website of mine called TekSetups? Let me know in the comments. I'm curious as to how many of you have been around for the long haul. It's about time I bring that idea back.

Setups is a gallery dedicated to displaying photos of Switch setups sent in by the community. Currently, the gallery is featuring only six, all of which were brought over from the WordPress version of the website. Now that Nintendo Switch Today is officially live, the gallery should grow in no time.

Submit your Switch setup photo here.


Saving screenshots seems to be quite popular amongst Switch players, and for good reason. It's just so easy to do. If you have a neat screenshot that you would like to share with the world, you can do so here.

Screenshots are currently displayed on a single page. However, if Nintendo Switch Today grows fast enough, screenshots will eventually be divided per game title. But for now, players have the option of at least having their name listed with each screenshot.


There you have it — Nintendo Switch Today is real. However, there is one very important thing that I have to make clear... This new website is purely an experiment and has nothing to do with any other projects of mine. It's a website that I will closely watch and see how it performs.

It's worth noting that I did purchase one year of hosting upfront, so that alone is kind of my safety net. The website is guaranteed to be live for at least the next 12 months. If by then I decide it's worth keeping, then so be it. But until then, it's up to you to make that happen.

So, let's get the party started. Submit a few Switch screenshots, get inspiration from setup photos, and consider applying for the community blog. Nintendo Switch Today is all about you, the Switch gamer.