David Di Franco


Di Franco Media is LIVE

You know, it’s funny — Di Franco Media is a name you have probably heard quite often throughout the past few months, but it has never received the recognition it truly deserves. I mean, it sort of existed for a short time with this pathetic execution of an idea. Seriously, what was I thinking? It’s about time I shift my focus and concentrate on what really matters.

Today, I am excited to unveil the greatest iteration of Di Franco Media. It’s an all-in-one resource aimed to promote a range of creative services I provide, in addition to a vast amount of knowledge created to help expand your brand. Whether you’re an individual looking to make a name for yourself or you run a small business that is in need of proper branding, Di Franco Media is sure to assist in some way. And the best part? The entire experience is affordable.

Are you looking to build a website, but you don’t feel comfortable about setting up web hosting? Not a problem. I’ll take care of that for you. Utilizing the Express Website feature on Di Franco Media, I handle the tedious process of finding a web host that is appropriate for your project, installing any necessary plugins, and anything else that is associated with the initial setup process. Simply fill out the Service Request Form and I will get right to work.

Express Website aside, Di Franco Media also offers a variety of creative services available. Ranging from simple logo design to professional photo edits, it’s my goal to offer something for everyone. And if you don’t see something that may interest you, not a problem. Just reach out to me and we’ll talk.

Rather than talking about Di Franco Media, it’s best if you go to the website yourself to explore and see everything it offers. This is a project I have put a lot of time and effort into, so I truly hope you enjoy it. I plan on rolling out updates to the website in the coming weeks, so be sure to pay a visit often.

If you are wondering where to begin, I recommend the Getting Started page. Thank you for your support!