David Di Franco


Content Starter Kit: A Familiar Website


Every now and then, there comes a time to make a big change in how I feel my content should be perceived. Dating back to the days of Social Blog (who remembers?) and just recently, Di Franco Media, it’s always important to me that I remain consistent with my projects. After all, if something is difficult to understand, then why even bother at all?

That brings me to today’s announcement. Di Franco Media is no more. At least for now. It will eventually come back as purely a design-focused website and nothing else. Instead, I have decided to rebrand the site as Content Starter Kit — a new, yet familiar website. And the name actually makes sense this time around.

Content Starter Kit is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a website that was designed specifically around content creation and the idea of starting something new. Are you building a website? Not a problem. Content Starter Kit has everything you need, including the most affordable web hosting deals. Looking to start a YouTube channel? There are plenty of posts and resources to guide you.

One important note to point out is my affiliation with HostPapa. While I still proudly stand by them, I have decided to tone down my promotion of their services and give several other web hosts the recognition they deserve. This includes DreamHost, Bluehost and Wix — in addition to HostPapa, of course. You can learn about each web host on the all-new Web Hosting page. They’re sorted by lowest price, which is certainly a nice feature for those creators looking to save money.

At some point I would like to open up Content Starter Kit to user submissions. This would include guest blog posts, success stories, and more. Is this something you would be interested in seeing? If I get enough feedback, I will certainly consider it.

Content Starter Kit was created for you, so I truly hope you get something good out of it. Take a look around the website and get inspired!