David Di Franco


Announcing Di Franco University

It's hard to believe, but my 10-year YouTube anniversary is quickly approaching this July. To say that the video platform has had an impact on my life would be an understatement. YouTube has changed my life, and in more ways than one.

Not only has YouTube introduced me to a truly amazing community, but it's also inspired me to learn new things and explore a variety of ideas — often through the creation of websites. And today is no different. I'm thrilled to be announcing my newest project, Di Franco University.

Di Franco University, as the name likely suggests, is a content-rich resource that I have created to help others succeed online in doing something they enjoy. Whether it's creating original video content or designing an art piece on your iPad Pro, my goal with this new website is to teach you what I have learned through my career as a content creator.

Looking at the homepage of Di Franco University, you will notice that the website is broken down into four categories of content: Video Content, Creative Design, Passive Income, and Crowdfunding

The above categories are the primary focus of Di Franco University, at the moment. Of course, the website will naturally grow over time. But even if that's not enough, you might enjoy The Vault — a collection of articles curated from previous websites of mine.

The Vault features 40+ articles that have been brought over from Brand Rockt and BluResource, as well as 25 video tutorials from Squarespace Summit. Needless to say, there is plenty to learn!

To get a better idea of the kind of content Di Franco University has to offer, I encourage you to watch my walkthrough video below. It's a little long, but I go in-depth in describing the website and its overall focus. I even provide an inside look as to how Squarespace works, for those interested.

Like any website of mine, I take a lot of pride in giving away the content for completely free. Of course, I have to financially support myself, which is why I have carefully selected three sponsors to appear in the footer: Bluehost, Lynda.com, and Elegant Themes

Of those three, my newest sponsor is Lynda.com. Because I haven't mentioned them until today, I kindly ask you to take a moment to check them out. Lynda.com offers thousands of high-quality video courses pertaining a variety of skills. The ones that particularly interest me the most are Design, Web, Photography, and Video.

If you are interested in learning something new and supporting my content at the same time, please sign up for Lynda.com using this link. I greatly appreciate it!

Well, I think I have described Di Franco University enough. Now it's your turn. Head on over to the website and have a look around. It never hurts to pick up a new skill or two.

As usual, your feedback regarding today's announcement is always welcome. You can contact me at any time. I'm just a click away!

Watch the video above for a walkthrough of Di Franco University.