David Di Franco


Mac Pro Indiegogo Campaign

Well, it's finally here. I am both excited and nervous to announce my Mac Pro crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, which can be viewed here. Whatever happens 60 days from now, I just want everyone to know that I genuinely do appreciate their amazing and ongoing support. All the information can be found below, but feel free to contact me if you have any questions or feedback. Thank you so much!

My History with the 2006 Mac Pro

The moment I got my first Mac Pro in late 2007 is a moment that I will never forget. I was overwhelmed with excitement and the thoughts of what could be possible with such a powerful and complex machine.

Coming from a PowerBook G4 at the time, this was a significant upgrade for a variety of reasons. Not only was I able to finally get my work done on a dedicated desktop, but the ability to upgrade my internal and external components was a driving factor in making what I do today possible. In other words, my productivity level was at an all-time high.

Being my first Intel-based Mac, the 2006 Mac Pro kickstarted what I was truly capable of. My video editing was the most efficient it’s ever been. The ability to multitask allowed me to participate in daily live streams and continue to work on my projects, simultaneously. And that was just the beginning.

Through my years of working, I have had the great honor of forming new friendships with people I truly care about. These are people I would’ve never normally met if it wasn’t for my line of work. The same can easily be said for the business relationships that I have formed and the brands that I have connected with. My 2006 Mac Pro made this possible, and that’s something I never once take for granted.

Hitting a Wall of Limitations

Fast-forwarding to today, I have found myself hitting a wall of technical limitations. These limitations are holding me back from experiencing new software and hardware that could greatly benefit my workflow.

To give you a rough idea of where I currently stand, I am behind by two generations of OS X releases — with plenty more to follow. My ability to update is simply at a standstill. Per the company’s requirements, I am unable to take advantage of future offerings from Apple.

From a hardware perspective, similar limitations apply. Something that once performed without a hitch in late 2007, is now clearly showing its age. I will discuss this in further detail in the next set of paragraphs.

Advantages of the New Mac Pro

Having the late 2013 Mac Pro in my office would essentially mean a new beginning. This new beginning would bring forth opportunities that were once not available with my current setup.

Obtaining the new Mac Pro would introduce a far more robust workflow, allowing for greater efficiency and more content than ever before. This means videos would be produced at a faster rate, live streams could be hosted on a more frequent (and earlier) schedule, as well as a variety of other tasks that I participate in on a regular basis.

Looking ahead in the future, the new Mac Pro would be my primary workstation for at least the next five years. Future proofing is an important factor that can help my productivity remain on track, and this is no different. From expanding my setup with Thunderbolt devices to the option of using larger displays, my workflow would face virtually zero obstacles along the way.


This campaign would not be possible if it wasn’t for the community’s amazing support, so obviously I am looking to give back in some way — aside from continuing to create free content on a consistent basis. So let’s talk about perks.

Since content creation is something I care so much about, I wanted the perks to be related somehow. If you look to the right, you’ll notice the majority of perks were made to benefit the contributor in the form of promoting one’s content. From a spot on my “Mac Pro Contributors” page to advertising in my videos, the perks could be prove quite beneficial.

And finally, no matter your contribution, please know that your support is greatly appreciated. The ability to reach out to so many people at once is just incredible. If you have questions or comments regarding anything you’ve read here, please do not hesitate to email me.

Pricing Explained

The quad-core base configuration Mac Pro starts at $2999. Factoring in taxes and the percentage Indiegogo receives, $3500 is the amount that I feel works best. Any leftover funds will be used to purchase accessories, cables and/or adapters that may be necessary when moving to my new setup.