David Di Franco


Introducing Brand Rockt

Branding, like technology, is something I have always taken a great interest in. Every bit of work that I put out reflects me as a person, also known as my brand. From 1,400+ YouTube videos to the several websites that I regularly manage, it's something I simply have a passion for.

Of course, through many years of experience of content creation and forming online communities, I have learned quite a lot. My portfolio is the strongest it's ever been, which brings me to the point of today's post. I feel it's time to share my knowledge in regards to branding and how I got to where I am today — and thus introducing Brand Rockt.

Brand Rockt aims to be an ultimate resource in assisting those who are interested in creating and marketing a successful brand. The website features a plethora of free content that anyone can use, regardless of whether your brand is personal or professional.

From YouTube marketing tips to proven techniques on how to attract targeted followers on Twitter, Brand Rockt offers a variety of articles that can help improve your brand. Each and every article is composed out of experience that I have gained throughout the years of my digital career. In other words, what works for me will also work for you.

Brand Rockt wouldn't be a website of mine without a Resources page. This page offers numerous tools and resources that can assist in maximizing your brand's potential. From trusted website hosting to advertising networks, there's something for everyone.

Similar to Squarespace Summit, Brand Rockt features the Creators Showcase — a user-driven gallery featuring beautiful websites submitted by the community. However, unlike Squarespace Summit, this gallery goes beyond just website promotion. Brands can also link their social media accounts for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. And yes, it's completely free to participate.

And finally, let's talk about Brand Rockt Guides. Accessible both via the website and downloadable PDFs, two guides are currently available — Getting Started and Ready for Launch. Each guide contains a step-by-step process in ensuring your brand starts off right, with clear instructions and all. If you are new to branding, this is where you'll want to begin.

Simply put, Brand Rockt is huge. I still have so much I want to talk about, which is why I encourage you to explore the site and learn something new. Everything is also described in the video above.

I'm very excited about the introduction of Brand Rockt and its future. I can't wait to see how everyone enjoys it. Please feel free to submit feedback here. My inbox is always open!