David Di Franco


New Paint, New Focus

It has been two years since I've applied any kind of major update to this website, aside from making the transition from Squarespace 5 to Squarespace 6. That was an exciting move, but it wasn't exactly significant. Since making the switch, I've learned so much about the new platform and its features. Combine that with the introduction of LayoutEngine 2 and I'm sold on making the jump to something cleaner and more to the point.

This new design isn't just a coat of fresh paint. It's also a completely new focus on who I am and what I create. I have been producing video content on YouTube since 2006. And since then, I have come across numerous opportunities and new ideas — usually resulting in creating websites related to something I am passionate about. From blogging about the latest gadgets to snapping photos on my Canon T4i, creating and sharing is what I love to do. Simple as that.

As you'll see in the main navigation, viewing my work and services is easier than ever. Content is laid out in a nice one-page fashion. Everything is perfectly structured and easy on the eyes. And speaking of which, this new design is fully responsive. No matter what device you're using, my website will automatically resize its content, margins, etc. — thus making for a quality experience for all users.

There is so much more to talk about, so I encourage you to watch my video below. It takes you through each page of the site and its purpose. Comments with your feedback are welcome!

As always, your support is incredible. This website would not be possible without such a loyal audience, and that's something I never forget. Here's to moving forward and seeing what's next.