David Di Franco


Introducing GearPop 2.1 | Giveaways & Guest Blogging

Less than three months ago, I announced the relaunch of GearPop. Along with the introduction came a whole slew of features, including a brand new design and the Discount Finder — a tool used for searching Amazon's database for the best prices on almost any product you can imagine. Moving forward, and in a constant effort to improve things, I am proud to introduce the newest rollout of GearPop features.

Since the beginning, GearPop has been all about the products you've recommended and the conversations created from said products. Now it's time to take things one step further, and that's in the form of content creation. To keep things interesting, however, I would like to present this opportunity to the public. In the interest of revisiting social blogging, I am thrilled to announce the introduction of the GearPop Blog.

The GearPop Blog is a social blogging platform that is open to publishing guest posts, created by you. This is an excellent way of not only sharing your views on the latest technology, but it's also an opportunity to gain exposure and grow yourself as a brand.

This is not your average technology blog, however. Rather than concentrating on technology news, like most websites seem to do, the GearPop Blog encourages content focused around a specific topic. This includes product reviews, step-by-step tutorials, and anything else you feel is relevant. Content is king, and that is the ultimate goal with this new platform. Click here to get started!

The second addition to GearPop I would like to talk about today is GearPop Giveaways. While I have hosted several giveaways on my YouTube channel in the past, they have always been few and far between. From this moment forward, I am happy to say that you will now have the chance of entering giveaways on a weekly basis. These weekly giveaways will usually include gift cards to popular websites and services, such as Amazon and iTunes.

But the giveaways don't stop there. From time to time, GearPop Giveaways will feature the chance of winning popular items of high value. For example, to kick things off, I will be giving away two iPad minis as of April 13. Details regarding this giveaway can be found here. Oh, and the best part? This is just the beginning.

Between rolling out the GearPop Blog and introducing weekly giveaways, I am really excited to see where things are going. GearPop has easily been my most successful project yet, with still tons of room to grow. I cannot wait to see what kind of content is created over time. It's a bright future for content creators.