David Di Franco


How to Build an Amazon Affiliate Website

Ever since launching GearPop last November, I have received many emails from people asking how the website was built, how I manage to sell products, etc. Fortunately, the process is quite easy. You just need to know what you're doing.

However, before we jump into the process, do know that GearPop is considered an Amazon affiliate website. This means that any product I sell through a unique URL containing my Amazon affiliate tracking ID, I receive a small commission in return. While sales may start out slow, you'd be surprised at how quickly earnings can add up. This is especially true if you take the time to properly optimize your website and market it well.

The following are five crucial steps you must follow to ensure your Amazon affiliate website is set up to run the best it possibly can.

1. Sign up for web hosting.

Determining the right web host is surprisingly easy. Just be sure to register a plan that uses a Linux-based server, as opposed to Windows. I prefer to use Bluehost, as it's easy to set up and pricing is competitive, and it just works. I recommend going with the Deluxe plan for just $6.99/month.

2. Install WordPress.

Once you're signed up with a web host, head over to WordPress.org and download a free copy of WordPress. This step may be complicated for some users, so I suggest following the Famous 5-Minute Install tutorial. If you have any questions regarding the installation, feel free to email me.

3. Purchase WP Zon Builder.

WP Zon Builder is a WordPress plugin that essentially makes the magic happen. It allows the user to list Amazon products in bulk, import customer reviews, and so much more. You can purchase your lifetime license here for $99. This may seem like a hefty price tag, but I can assure you it's worth the investment. After all, you are looking to build an affiliate website, which will pay for itself in no time.

UPDATE: Save 33% on WP Zon Builder by using the discount code "zonbuilderss" at checkout.

4. Purchase an Amazon affiliate theme.

WordPress has hundreds of themes to choose from, but Amazon affiliate websites require a specific kind of theme — one that supports features unique to the Amazon experience. Like WP Zon Builder, finding the right theme does require a bit of spending. I recommend looking through Elegant Themes, where each theme sells for just $39.

5. Find your products.

This is the easiest step of all, and completely free! Once you have your web host set up, WordPress installed, and WP Zon Builder configured to your liking, you will want to begin adding products to your website's catalog. When adding products, WP Zon Builder requires a specific string of text that is unique to each item's Amazon URL. It usually begins with the letter 'B' and looks something like this: B00AWZFHG0


As you can see, creating an Amazon affiliate website can be accomplished in just hours. You will quickly learn the benefits of running your own store, finding new customers and so much more. I believe knowing how to run an affiliate website is a great skill to possess. Not only is it an excellent learning experience, but the return can be quite beneficial.

If you have any questions, never hesitate to email me. I try to respond to all messages within 24 hours. You are also free to reach out via Twitter and Facebook.