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Which 2013 Tablet is the Best for Gaming?

The following post was submitted by Thomas Shannon. 

For anybody who is interested in gaming and loves to play on their home PC or game consoles needs to check out the number of mobile games that can be played on their tablets when at home or away and so now is a great time to check out what is available. Tablets are an amazing piece of technology and as more and more people buy them there is more emphasis on development for them.

There are millions of people around the world who’ve bought tablets over the years and so there are thousands of different games available for the different formats. Many these games can be downloaded instantly from the tablets App Store, things such as: puzzle games or shooter games. However, one thing you may not know is that most online casino websites are now mobile friendly and so you can login using your tablets web browser in order to play all your favourite casino games.

If you've not bought a tablet, now is definitely a great time to get into the market with a number of choices available. The first of which come from Apple with both the iPad 4 and the iPad mini available this year, one of the two is sure to be up your Street. With a 10 inch screen the iPad 4 is a great size and having a 1.4 GHz CPU does not hurt either as this will make all the games run smoothly. Similarly Google’s offering of the Nexus 7 this year has a 1.5 GHz CPU but a small screen a 7 inches so is easier to take around with you. Both tablets will serve you well in terms of gaming both at home and on the go.

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