David Di Franco


Introducing GearPop 2.0

Less than three months ago I launched GearPop, my largest website project to date. For those not in the loop, GearPop is a community driven showcase featuring the best technology products this world has to offer. In an age where something new is introduced just about every day, why should you as the user struggle to find what's best for your needs? To put it simply, you shouldn't. GearPop aims to make the experience for the user easier and best of all, enjoyable.

Now that I have had the time to monitor the site's overall usage, its pros and cons, and determine what the users want, I am proud to introduce GearPop 2.0. There is a lot to talk about, so let's jump right into it.

Pushing the Words Together

"Gear Pop" is now known as "GearPop." While a small change, this is something that makes sense. Not only have users already been referring to the site this way, but it's also easier to remember. Why make things more complicated? As I like to say, simplicity is key.

Completely New Look

The biggest change of all is the appearance of GearPop. Not only is everything much cleaner, but the site is now easier to navigate. This especially applies to how product pages are presented. For example, check out the Panasonic HCV700MK. Information has been condensed into tabs and share buttons are now immediately visible, making the overall experience much easier on the eyes.

You will also notice that the GearPop logo itself has changed a bit.

Responsive Design

GearPop proudly introduces support for the latest trend in web design, and that's responsive design. This means that no matter which device you visit GearPop.com on, the software will automatically optimize your experience. No longer will navigating through products on a small device, such as an iPhone, feel difficult. Go ahead — give it a try. Pretty neat, huh?

Amazon Customer Reviews

Embedded on every product page is now a tab for Amazon customer reviews. This is great if you're ever looking to get a second opinion on a product you are not 100% sure about. Oh, and the best part? Customer reviews are automatically pulled in from Amazon, so you can always count on having the latest and most accurate information.

Related Products

Tieing in closely with customer reviews, users now have the ability to view related products simply by clicking on the appropriate tab. This is especially useful if you are keeping an open mind on which product to purchase and how alternatives compare. After all, isn't having choices a good thing?

Integration with TechBargains.com

Remember that partnership with TechBargains.com that I annnounced a little while back? Well, this is exactly what I had in mind. I am excited to announce that GearPop now has a dedicated section in the sidebar that features the best deals for some of the world's largest retail chains. This includes brands like Amazon, Best Buy, Dell and yes — even Apple.

If you are looking to save money on your next tech purchase (who isn't?), this is something you'll want to keep your eyes on. Links are automatically updated with the best available deals, coupons and promo codes — so be sure to check back often.

Discount Finder

Included in the sidebar is something called the Discount Finder. This does exactly what it sounds like. Input keywords related to what you're searching for, select your discount amount, and GearPop will take care of the rest. This feature includes all of Amazon, so you are not only restricted to the products you see on this site.

And of course, if you do come across a product that is not already listed on GearPop, feel free to suggest it via the Submit page.

Popular Forum Posts

With nearly 500 registered members and over 6,600 total posts, the GearPop Forums have proven to be quite successful. As a quickly growing community, I want even more users to take notice of the hundreds of conversations that are going on. To help make this happen, GearPop now lists in the sidebar five of the most popular topics being discussed in the forums. If you're ever looking to voice your opinion on something that catches your eye, feel free to register and jump in. It's free!

Oh, and speaking of the forums, a new default theme has been applied. Users have the ability to choose a theme that pertains to their liking, but I think you'll enjoy this new look.


As you can see, GearPop 2.0 is not just a small update. I went back to the drawing board, thought about how everything could be improved, did some research, and this is where I ended up. Needless to say, I am very happy with the outcome and where things are going. User engagement has not only been awesome, but I have been receiving some amazing support from those who truly enjoy the site for what it has to offer.

While GearPop has already come a long way since its launch, I still consider this to be just the beginning. Through the power of modern web design and user participation via social media, the future as a whole is looking bright. I cannot wait to see where things go.

Like with any project, I always encourage you to contact me if you have any questions or comments. Also, be sure to follow GearPop on both Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates.

For more information on today's updates, please view the video below.