David Di Franco


How to Make Money on YouTube


This past February saw the release of my first paid eBook, "10 Ways to Make Money on YouTube." Selling at around 100 copies, I am quite pleased with the turnout. Reviews have been positive and readers seem to be overall satisfied. I've even had some readers suggest that I raise the price to something higher than $2.99. While that will not be happening, I am proud to announce quite the opposite.

As of today, all content found within "10 Ways to Make Money on YouTube" is now accessible free of charge, via my newest website — How to Make Money on YouTube

This 10-step guide will help you achieve the following:

  • Become a YouTube Partner
  • Explore new monetization methods
  • Offer advertising on your channel
  • and much more... 

Going beyond the guide, this new website also features a Resources page. There you will find several books and tools that I personally recommend in helping you improve your YouTube experience as a whole. There is also an open forum for those interested in asking questions, sharing advice, or simply looking to start a conversation.

Generating revenue should not be your main focus on YouTube, but it's certainly a nice perk worth exploring. If you are going to create good content, why not have something to show for it? This website is focused on helping you achieve just that — having fun and rewarding yourself along the way.

While this content is now free for all to enjoy, the original eBook is still being sold for $2.99. It can be purchased via PayPal and Amazon. Not only does purchasing the eBook help me out, but it also allows you to take it with you on a variety of devices.

As with any new project of mine, I encourage you to contact me with your feedback. I look forward to seeing how you benefit from this information.