David Di Franco


Taking an Interest in Pinterest


I am finally interested in Pinterest. There, I said it. Becoming a member of the site before everyone even knew what Pinterest was, I originally joined in January of last year, through an early invite from Kevin Rose. While the concept seemed great at the time, I simply never found a use for it — that is, until now.

Before I jump into it, allow me to explain what Pinterest is. Think of the site as a collection of virtual pinboards created by the community. These pinboards can include anything you find interesting or worth sharing. While the majority of users create pinboards using images, the site does have full support for videos — which is a very nice touch.

So how do I plan to use Pinterest? Simply put, it will be replacing the TekSocial Store link that I have been promoting for the past few years — effective immediately. Not only is this the more organized route to go, but it also offers a nice social aspect. Users have the ability to follow any of my pinboards that they find interesting. These pinboards will be updated as time progresses. For example, when I buy a new Xbox 360 game, it will be added to the "My Xbox 360 Collection" pinboard. Pretty cool, right?

Needless to say, I am very excited about this transition. I can't wait to see how everyone interacts with one another. If you have any ideas of pinboards you'd like to see added, let me know and I will consider it. To get started, you can request your Pinterest invite here. You should be accepted fairly quickly.