David Di Franco


Less Website, More Content


If you have been keeping up with my latest YouTube videos, then you've probably noticed my recent push for content creation. Whether that content is free or paid, it's something I want to further explore on a larger scale. In doing this, I have also felt a website redesign is in need. And with that said, I present to you, my latest creation.

This is certainly a design I am quite proud of. It's the biggest shift I have made since migrating from WordPress to Squarespace. What has changed, exactly?

 - completely new look

 - cleaner navigation in sidebar

 - better organized services pages

 - introduction of "Resources"

 - eBooks now reside on one page

 - brand new content in portfolio

As you can see, my website has received a pretty nice upgrade. If there is something I want to encourage you to check out, it would be the "Resources" page. This brand new page contains my eBook collection and a couple guides on some of my favorite websites. It was about time I made this information easier to access. New guides will be added in the near future.

Additional visual tweaks and new content will be implemented as time progresses. Feel free to contact me regarding anything you would like to see. As always, I appreciate your support.