David Di Franco


Free eBook: "QuiBids Tips on the Quick"


It's no secret that I am a newly introduced QuiBids addict. Through much learning and patience, I have become quite the experienced bidder. In the last week alone, I have won both an Xbox 360 250GB Holiday Bundle and Xbox 360 Modern Warfare 3 Bundle. I have also acquired several pieces of jewelry and a handful of gift cards for stores like Target and Walmart. Needless to say, I am loving QuiBids!

I have received countless requests from YouTube viewers that I share my tips for a successful QuiBids experience. If my 7 QuiBids Tips in 7 Minutes video isn't enough for you, then you are in luck. I have taken the time to compile 25 useful tips in my newest eBook, "QuiBids Tips on the Quick." It's a free download for anyone to enjoy.

While these tips are not guaranteed to be successful for everyone, they will certainly help you better understand QuiBids and increase your chances of winning. Because I have decided to not charge for this eBook, I just ask that you sign up using my referral link, provided you find my tips useful.

Click here to download "QuiBids Tips on the Quick" for free.