David Di Franco


eBook: "10 Ways to Make Money on YouTube"

August 2011 saw the release of my first eBook, "15 YouTube Tips: First Edition." Not only has it received numerous downloads, but user feedback has been awesome. If you have not read it by now, please consider doing so. It's a free download for anyone who is interested in building their YouTube channel.

Continuing with the theme of YouTube, I am proud to release my newest eBook. "10 Ways to Make Money on YouTube" is an in-depth guide on how to generate revenue through a variety of methods. The 10 tips covered in this book come straight from personal experience. Viewers are always asking how I make my money. Well, this book covers just that.

While my first eBook remains to be free, this second one does indeed come with a small price. The information I have decided to share is considered quite valuable, especially if put to proper use – which is why I am selling it for just $4.95. Upon purchasing this eBook, you are free to read it on any device of your choice.

Eventually, I plan to publish both of my eBooks across a wide variety of networks. However, this execution will do for now. Every purchase is greatly appreciated and is considered a "thank you" from the community. If you have any feedback, please feel free to contact me.

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