David Di Franco


Introducing Back Up and Sync Up

Affiliate marketing is something I have taken a great interest in this past year. Not only is it an excellent learning experience, but the return in benefits can be quite inspiring. From selling products via Gear Pop to recommending audiobooks via Audible.com, promoting services I use personally is something I enjoy doing.

I recently began promoting an online backup service called MyPCBackup. While the response has been decent, I feel more people should take notice — especially considering how important data backup truly is. In an effort to get the word out more, I have created a new mini site, Back Up and Sync Up.

Back Up and Sync Up is a simple website focused around expressing the importance of backing up your data. With an easy-to-use desktop application, MyPCBackup makes the process seamless. With the ability to schedule automatic backups and the option of always having access to your files on the go, it's a peace of mind worth exploring.

You will notice throughout the site that I am promoting a special offer. If you sign up for MyPCBackup using my link, you will receive your first 14 days of service for free. Click here for details.

Note: Commissions made through Back Up and Sync Up will be applied toward providing future content for my YouTube audience.