David Di Franco


Automatic Online Backup – Don't Risk Losing Your Files

When is the last time you backed up the files on your computer? Perhaps it is better that I don't know. Either way, it's imperative that you back up your files regularly, because let's face it — whether you like it or not, you will lose valuable files at some point. And speaking from personal experience, it's not fun. Realizing you can never get back those family photos, videos, or whatever it may be... Well, it's quite the wake up call. Thankfully, such a disaster is 100% avoidable.

I was recently introduced to MyPCBackup, an online backup service that automatically creates copies of your photos, videos, documents and much more — all while not even thinking about it. Simply download the MyPCBackup desktop tool (Windows and OS X), specify which folders you'd like to back up, and you're set! Every backup is completely encrypted and secure, so there's no need to worry about your files getting into the wrong hands.

Installing the MyPCBackup app on your iPhone, iPad, Android or Blackberry device allows you to access your files anywhere. This eliminates the need for keeping a flash drive handy. As long as you have an Internet connection, your files are always within reach. The convenience of this feature alone is worth considering.

Setting up a new MyPCBackup account is free and entitles you to 14 MB of storage space, for 14 days. Now, that's not much at all. However, it does give you the chance to play around with the software and see if it fits your needs. Personally, I do have to recommend giving it a try. After all, how much is your personal data worth?

There are three plans to choose from. Signing up for the "Home" package gives you 75 GB of storage space for $5.95/month. The "Premium" package comes with 250 GB of storage for $6.95/month. And finally, for $8.95/month you have the "Unlimited" plan, which entitles you to unlimited storage. All three plans include an anytime money-back guarantee.

Between automated backups, full mobile support, and the ability to sync files across multiple computers, MyPCBackup is definitely something worth looking into. Personally, anything that can provide me peace of mind, when it comes to handling irreplaceable data, gets my vote. Click here to give it a try.