David Di Franco


Introducing Express Services for $5

If you think about it, five really is a great number. I've always liked it. Not only does the odd number play a significant role in Ad for 5, but a site like Fiverr would cease to exist without it. Perhaps it's just the way I think. Either way, it's a number I appreciate because of everything it can represent, if used correctly.

Today I am pleased to announce Express Services for $5, a one-stop shop for those looking to expand their brand without breaking the bank. Using a site like Fiverr has taught me one very important thing: Five bucks can go a long way.

For months now, I have been selling social media related services for $5 per gig, which has been quite successful thus far. However, in order to take advantage of those gigs, you're required to have a Fiverr account. That requirement is no more.

With Express Services for $5, I am currently selling two gigs. These services are geared toward anyone interested in gaining viewers on YouTube or increasing their followers count on Twitter. Additional services will be added over time. Customer requests are appreciated.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your five on!