David Di Franco


Introducing Di Franco Gaming

Ah, Pixel Caps. You're the channel that hardly lived. As many of you already know via Twitter, I have decided to veer away from my recently announced gaming YouTube channel. To be perfectly honest, I just wasn't feeling the name. At first it felt creative and new, but it never grew on me like my other brands have. As stated in the past, if you're not feeling something 100% from the beginning, then it's probably best to rethink your strategy. And that's just what I am doing.

Di Franco Gaming is my new channel dedicated to gameplay videos. I feel this name change better reflects what the channel represents. And plus, it's easily recognizable, whereas Pixel Caps was not. Not only does Di Franco Gaming have a better name and overall look, but I am also better prepared this time around. I recently ordered myself an Ear Force X12 Gaming Headset for a more immersive experience, which will help in providing live commentary – something that's been requested by many viewers.

I will soon be uploading several videos to Di Franco Gaming, but feel free to subscribe now. If you want to see anything specific, let me know in the comments. My primary goal is to make this channel enjoyable and interactive, which is made possible by your feedback. As always, I thank you for your support!