David Di Franco


[Update] iTwin: Share your Files Simply and Securely

Peer-to-peer file sharing is nothing new. It's been around for longer than I can remember. Whether you are sharing files on a local network or via the cloud, having the convenience has always been nice. But what if you would rather resort to a hardware solution? That's where iTwin comes in.

To quote their website, "iTwin is entirely Plug'n'Play. Plug one half into an online computer, plug the other half into any other online computer & the 2 computers are connected."

Through my testing, iTwin performed exactly as advertised. The included software installed just fine and I was exchanging files in a matter of minutes. Copying files to iTwin works just like any other flash drive. Oh, and the best part? Its storage capacity is limitless. I did not have a chance to truly test this, but I am going to take the company's word. If it truly is limitless, then color me amazed.

Also worth noting is security. iTwin includes 256-bit AES encryption, which is vital for those worried about their files getting passed back and forth between two computers. In the event that your data does get into the wrong hands, iTwin provides you with an exclusive disable code, which is sent via email during the initial setup process.

iTwin sells for $99 and is available in both lime green and gunmetal gray. While the price may seem a bit steep, factoring in the convenience and security you'd be gaining can help put things into perspective. It's a solid product that is definitely worth checking out, especially if file sharing is important to you.

Update: iTwin now has official Mac support. More information can be found here.