David Di Franco


FOR SALE: ForumBytes.com (Tech Community Forum)

In August 2009 I launched Forum Bytes, a community forum featuring a wide variety of technology-related topics. The website saw a successful initial launch, accompanied by an active and quickly growing user base. A basic breakdown of activity stats can be seen below:

  • nearly 2,200 registered members
  • more than 1,380 user-generated topics
  • nearly 10,000 posts in total

Writing to you all today, my goal is to hand over Forum Bytes to someone willing to put the time and effort into making it active again. Due to my focus on other projects, the website has unfortunately lost its momentum over time. However, I feel confident in saying that it still has great potential in becoming something bigger.

The following are several points to keep in mind, provided you are interested in purchasing the site:

  • community is already well developed
  • runs on phpBB3 open source bulletin board software
  • highly expandable due to a large array of features available
  • full access to database, admin menus, etc.
  • advertising opportunities available

I'm serious in making this happen, so please spread the word. I would love to see Forum Bytes evolve into something even better. My asking price is undetermined at this time, but I encourage you to contact me with an offer. Hosting arrangements and anything else required will be discussed via email.