David Di Franco


Introducing Ad for 5

Do you remember StellarAdverts.com? It was a website I designed a few years ago that approached advertising in a unique way. Users had the ability to purchase ad space in the form of galactic stars and link off to sites of their choice. Unfortunately, the idea did not catch on as I intended, hence the reason to eventually shut it down. That was in 2008. Fast-forwarding to today...

I am proud to announce the launch of Ad for 5. Consider this the rebirth of Stellar Adverts, with lessons learned. The overall idea is essentially the same, but a few things have changed. Navigating to the site, you'll notice I took a more linear approach this time around. Rather than offering a variety of ad sizes, each block is exactly the same at 45 x 45 pixels. With a smaller size comes a more likable price – just $5 per spot.

While it may seem like it, Ad for 5 is not intended to be just a page filled with ads. My longterm goal is to eventually receive enough submissions to offer a printout poster of the ad grid. Essentially, purchasing a spot will include the user in a community grid that's viewable by the general public. I have great confidence in seeing this turn into something iconic for years to come.

If you have any questions regarding Ad for 5, please refer to the FAQ page. You can also contact me directly. This is an experimental project of mine with an unknown outcome, but hopefully we can all work together in making this become successful.