David Di Franco


The Future of Operating System Installations

According to Mashable, Apple will be releasing the next major update to its operating system, Mac OS X Lion, via the Mac App Store. As much as I support this distribution model, it still comes as quite a surprise to me. I have always assumed it's not possible to install such a major update without some form of physical media, whether it be a DVD or USB flash drive, but then it hit me.

Apparently, this applies only to updating your software from an existing installation. Now that makes sense. I can see the majority of users going this route. While downloading such a hefty update can take quite a while, the payoff will be very nice. It really could not get any simpler.

However, for users like myself, it seems Apple will also be offering Lion on a traditional DVD. This gives me a huge sigh of relief, to be honest. I am the kind of user who likes a fresh install whenever a major update, such as this, is released. It's been a while since my Mac Pro has seen a new beginning, so it will be nice to wipe my drive clean. Also, I kind of have to, considering I am purchasing myself a solid state drive -- something I am very excited about!

So what are your thoughts regarding the future of major OS updates? Would you rather download and install them via an online store or purchase a physical copy and go from there?