David Di Franco


Making the Facebook Page Conversion

Back in March, Facebook released a new tool that allows its users to convert a traditional profile into a Facebook Page, otherwise known as a fan page. This was great news that instantly had me intrigued. I understood there were some drawbacks in making the conversion, but I finally went through with it a couple nights ago. Such a change is not beneficial for everyone, but I do feel it's something I should have done a while ago.

If you are also thinking of making the conversion, I encourage you to keep the following points in mind. As far as I know, once you make the jump, there's no going back.

  • Your photos, wall posts and tags will be deleted
  • All your friends are transferred over, but they're now known as fans
  • You can no longer "friend" anyone
  • You cannot view your friends' walls just because they "like" your page

While most of the above points do sound like major setbacks, not all hope is lost. Facebook offers the option to download your profile and save it locally. This includes your photos, videos and comments. While Facebook has yet to release an import feature of any kind, at least your personal data is in safe hands.

So, why exactly did I go through with this? To put it simply, I was tired of Facebook's limit of 5,000 friends. That may seem like a high number, but it really isn't if you are like me and have an online presence on YouTube and other popular venues. I am glad to finally get past the limit. It's been holding me back from "friending" viewers of mine and engaging in dialogue.

You can "like" my Facebook Page here. If you were already friends with me, then you have automatically been converted over. I do have a new personal profile, but that is now private to those I actually know in person. Hopefully this information has been helpful to those who are in the same position I was. If you have a brand or something you would like to promote, I suggest going through with it. But again, and I have to enforce this, please export your personal profile before making any changes.