David Di Franco


Empire Avenue: The Social Media Exchange

When it comes to trading shares and understanding how the stock market works, I'm mostly in the dark. I have learned a thing or two over the years, but it's always been one of those topics I've lacked knowledge in. Thankfully for Empire Avenue, that is quickly changing.

So what is Empire Avenue? To put simply, it's a social media exchange based on how much of an influence a particular user has on popular sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Once the user links all their social media profiles, then the fun begins. They can invest in other users via the site's currency, known as Eaves, and vice versa. Because the site uses virtual money, this is a great way to learn a thing or two about trading. Big names are even getting in on the action, such as Dell, Intel and Ford.

Empire Avenue is huge. It would take a very long time to explain everything, which is why I encourage you to sign up and begin investing. My ticker is DIFRANCO, so feel free to follow me and get started. I'm currently trading at 68.37 Eaves per share, so get in while I'm low! Oh and of course, I have Chris Pirillo (PIRILLO) to thank for getting me addicted to the site. It really is a lot of fun.