David Di Franco


The Little Mac that Could

I recently brought a new (used, really) Mac into the family, strictly for the purpose of becoming more serious about broadcasting live via Ustream. With a small footprint in mind and only so much money to spend, I decided to go with a Mac mini, which ended up costing just $375 on Amazon. Through the past few nights I've been putting the little guy through its tests. While I didn't do anything major quite yet, I have to say that I am more impressed than I expected to be, especially considering the specs aren't too amazing by today's standards.

Yesterday I decided to download NovaBench via the App Store and run a few tests on the Mac mini. Click here to see a screenshot of my results, which I have to say, aren't too shabby. The only major downfall is the onboard Intel GMA 950 chipset. Still though, I was pleasantly surprised to see the Mac mini play 1080p content fairly well. It wasn't perfect, but definitely good enough.

Graphics performance may not be amazing, but it's the Core 2 Duo that ultimately motivated me to buy this specific model. It may not seem like it, but streaming live high quality video can be pretty processor intensive, which is why I didn't want to take the chance with the Core Duo configuration. It was either Core 2 Duo or nothing at all.

I still have plenty of playing around to do, but so far I am overall pleased with my purchase. Expect details regarding my live show very soon. The future is bright, my friends!