David Di Franco


Black or White?

If you had to choose just one, which would you prefer – black or white? Of course, I am referring to the common decision we have to face when buying a shiny new gadget. Color choice is nothing new, however; far from it. As a child, I remember having to choose which flavor Game Boy Color I would like most. The same can be said for practically every other handheld Nintendo has released to this day.

Below you'll see an unboxing video of the iPad 2, which is available in black or white. While this particular video is focused on the white model, I still prefer black over anything else. I strongly believe it represents a professional look, whereas the white looks more fashionable – if that's the right word. But then again, choosing a color does depend on the actual product. For instance, I would much rather own a white iPod than a black one.

So, which do you prefer?