David Di Franco


10 Tips to Success and Happiness

I strongly believe that everyone is crazy about something in their lives, whether they realize it or not. As I have always said, what is the point in living if you're not doing something you are passionate about? For me, it's all about content creation and social media. I couldn't imagine a life without YouTube videos or the ability to share my thoughts via Twitter. These are things I think about on a constant basis because they are important to me.

This past weekend I was lucky enough to witness Dr. Mehmet Oz as the commencement speaker at West Chester University's graduation. His theme of reaching success and happiness was broken down into 10 tips, "Letterman style." I am a big fan of motivational talks, so I personally enjoyed this one very much. Not only is Dr. Oz a great speaker, but he is also extremely successful. I learned some interesting facts about him. Hopefully you get something out of his speech, as well.