David Di Franco


Seventh Generation iPod nano Mock-up

A post I read on Mashable today inspired me to design a mock-up of what I would like to see in regards to the seventh generation iPod nano, which is likely due this fall. As you can see, I am predicting Apple will return to the traditional design that we were used to, while at the same time borrowing some user interface elements from the iPhone and iPod touch. Below are some features this particular product would offer:

  • iOS-like interface with app organization
  • quick access to currently playing media
  • onboard 720p camera; rear-facing only
  • built-in Wi-Fi allows users to connect to iTunes Store
  • integrated YouTube app for watching and uploading videos
  • full support for screen rotation
  • built-in speaker located on underside of device

You might notice the lack of an App Store icon. I thought about including it, but I believe Apple will continue to rely only on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad for third party app distribution.

What do you think? Is this something you would buy? There's only so much Apple can continue to change with the iPod nano, which is why I don't see a design such as this being too far-fetched. Come September, I will be sure to reference this post to see just how similar my mock-up was.

Update: After thinking about the feedback I have been receiving, I decided to make a few changes to the design. The display's ratio is still widescreen, but now more suitable for watching movies. I also applied drop shadows behind the app icons; something I meant to do the first time through.