David Di Franco


Now Selling iPhone 4 Cases

Did you know I have a store over at CafePress? If you didn't, I am not surprised. It's one of those things I rarely mention to my audience. However, I am hoping to change that, starting tonight. I've recently cleared out just about every product design I had on the site, hoping for a fresh start. The only remaining original item is the #G-hetto Hoodie. Unfortunately, prices on hoodies are a bit expensive, so I am exploring a more obvious and wallet-friendly solution. With that said, I proudly present iPhone 4 cases!

At the moment, I am selling two case designs. One is a clear case (seen on left) with a cut-out around the Apple logo on the back, along with the option to choose between a white or black trim. The other is a slider case, meaning the bottom half is removable, making your iPhone compatible with docks. Both cases can be had for just $24.99, which is lower than most cases available on the market.

For now, as you can see, I am working mainly around the idea of TekSocial. However, I am always open to suggestions, which you are welcome to leave in the comments below. Let me know if you purchase a case or two. I would be glad to display them in the TekSocial Gallery, as well as give you a shout-out in upcoming videos.