David Di Franco


iPad 2: 5 Reasons I Am Upgrading

Unless you've been hiding under that rock on Windows Hill, you're probably well aware of the iPad 2 and everything having to do with it. As usual, I expressed my thoughts regarding the sexy new tablet and surprise, surprise... I've received a fair amount of hate in return. God forbid I recognize the true potential in a stellar product. Not that I owe anyone an explanation, but it's very hard to just let something like this go.

I'm a strong believer in Apple's products and the culture they represent, so I felt the best way to approach this is to list five reasons why I believe the iPad 2 is worth the upgrade; at least for my usage. Sit back, grab a coffee, and enjoy the read.

1. iOS on steroids

Not only does the iPad 2 introduce Apple's A5 processor that provides twice the performance of the original iPad, but graphics performance is now 9x faster than previously before. As a gamer and one who enjoys GPU intensive apps, this is a no-brainer. There's no arguing a nice hardware boost. And if you do, you're insane.

2. Cameras

My main disappointment with the original iPad was the lack of a camera. While Apple clearly left this basic feature out for the reason of upgrading this year, I'm just glad they finally came through. Not only are we getting one camera, but we're getting two. Yes, I realize the cameras' quality isn't that great in terms of taking stills, but honestly, who cares? I don't plan on using my iPad as a serious photography device.

The rear facing camera has been confirmed to record in 720p, which is, if you ask me, plenty for a device such as this. The front facing camera is typical VGA quality, but the most I'll be using it for is apps like Photo Booth and FaceTime. Again, plenty good for me. You also have to keep in mind that the iPad's display is still just 1024 x 768. A display with this resolution is still going to manage to make a low grade camera look great.

If you're serious about photography, then use an actual camera. In the meantime, use the iPad's cameras for what they're intended for. After all, do you honestly expect to be outputting high quality prints taken with a tablet? I think not.

3. iMovie

My YouTube viewers are already aware of my obsession with the thought of using iMovie on the go. Thankfully, Apple has answered my prayers. iMovie is finally coming to the iPad! From what I have seen during the keynote and screenshots on Apple's website, the app looks downright beautiful. It's practically a desktop version of the iMovie we're already used to, but optimized for a touch screen. Oh and selling for just $4.99, why wouldn't I buy it? I would gladly pay $9.99.

4. Magnets

I know what you're thinking. Really, David? Magnets? Yes, hear me out. With the introduction of the Smart Cover, Apple has really pushed the envelope in terms of accessory design. For those not aware, the Smart Cover is a new product, designed by Apple, that takes advantage of magnets that are built into the iPad 2's bezel. A simple feature such as this, at least in my eyes, can go a long way. Expect to see some pretty innovative accessories in the near future. I'm surprised this hasn't been covered more than it already has.

5. Apps

If it weren't for the large variety of apps, I don't think the iPad would be nearly as successful as it is today. We have seen some downright amazing uses of the iPad in just less than a year since its debut. With the introduction of two cameras, the A5 processor and much improved graphics performance, I can't even imagine what we'll be seeing for months to come. Just look at GarageBand and iMovie for two examples. If Apple can roll out premium apps such as these on release day, then who knows what's in store for the future.

We are so fortunate to have access to such amazing technology. It baffles me how someone can even begin to dis a product as revolutionary as the iPad. Thinking back to around this time last year, people were hating the idea of a "giant iPod touch." I refused to listen to the hate, though. Looking at the big picture, I had such confidence in Apple's game plan. Look where we are now. Over 15 million iPads have been sold, and this is just the beginning.

I'm just going to put it this way. Before you judge a product for what it is, step back and think about the facts. Otherwise, you're often wrong in the end. Just saying.