David Di Franco


Why 144hz (or 120Hz) Is the Way to Go for Gaming

For quite a while, I would occasionally get people asking when I'm going to invest in my first 144Hz monitor. As a gamer who had clearly never taken the time to research the topic, I usually dismissed the idea and said I was happy with what I have — and that's true. I'm typically pleased with the tech that I own. But then something happened...

I decided to finally look into 144Hz monitors, so I eventually came across the Dell S2716DG. And that's when my interest suddenly piqued. Having read several reviews on Amazon and watching a handful of YouTube videos, I knew I had to check this thing out for myself.

Before we get into why I cannot recommend going with a monitor that has a refresh rate lower than 120Hz, check out my unboxing video of the Dell S2716DG below:

So, what's so special about a monitor's refresh rate — and what does it mean, exactly? The refresh rate of your monitor is a calculation of how quickly it refreshes the image within one second. For example, a 60Hz monitor refreshes the image 60 times every second. Replace that number with a refresh rate of 120 or 144, and you get the point.

The faster the refresh rate, the smoother performance you'll experience. And believe me, going from 60Hz to 144Hz is a massive upgrade. It's the same feeling I experienced when I first used the iPad Pro with ProMotion. Everything in general, gaming especially, appears more natural and lifelike.

Having used my 144Hz monitor for a few days now, below are some interesting points you might find enticing:

  • Whether you're gaming or not, performance is significantly better that I had originally imagined
  • 144Hz is far smoother than anything I've experienced with 60Hz
  • 1ms response time is excellent, and especially useful when gaming
  • Adjustable height and angle controls are easy to use
  • Thin bezel allows for seamless integration with other low-profile monitors
  • Quality 27-inch display for less than $500

It's also important to note that despite the Dell S2716DG using a TN panel and not IPS, you can hardly ever notice. Colors appear to be quite vibrant, viewing angles are forgiving, and build quality in general is something to be appreciated.

Oh, and you know what? I've been enjoying the monitor so much that I decided to buy a second one. Check out a preview of my dual 144Hz monitor setup:

Are you interested in buying the Dell 2716DG for yourself? Check it out on Amazon. You'll be glad you did.