David Di Franco


Using the Fluance AB40 Soundbase with 3D Surround Sound

As my weekend vlog viewers know, I recently got my hands on the Fluance AB40 High Performance Soundbase. While I haven't had too much one-on-one time with it yet, I have experienced enough of what it has to offer to provide some early impressions. So far, I am quite pleased.

Upon opening the box, you're immediately presented with a nice catalog showcasing all of Fluance's latest products. From bookshelf speakers to full home theater kits, Fluance sells it all. But that's not it. Everything else inside the box was neatly packed. It's obvious that Fluance takes pride in their packaging, which I can definitely admire — being an unboxer on YouTube for 10+ years now. Just check out my original Wii unboxing uploaded back in January 2007.

The setup process of the Fluance AB40 is very simple. After connecting it to power, you have the choice of playing audio one of three ways — Bluetooth, aux-in, and even optical. Pairing my iPhone with the Fluance AB40 via Bluetooth was seamless. I was connected and playing music within seconds. So, how did the audio sound?

Audio quality, unsurprisingly, is excellent. Given its fairly large size, the Fluance AB40 is a soundbase and not a soundbar. This means that there is more room on the inside for higher quality components, thus resulting in bigger, deeper sound. And wow, does this thing sound awesome!

Thanks to its six premium drivers and dual 1-inch tweeters, the soundbase does an amazing job at producing sounds of all kinds. From highs to lows, the Fluance AB40 simply does not disappoint — especially if you're a music lover. Press the 'Bass Boost' button on the included remote and you'll really hear the difference. I have been known to obsess over bass, so this feature alone tends to stand out amongst the rest.

I haven't experimented with the 3D surround sound yet, but Fluance claims on their Amazon page that the soundbase can rival a traditional 5.1 speaker system. As much as I have been loving this soundbase, I refuse to believe that claim. Of course, I say that respectfully. Soundbars in general, while they can sound great, simply cannot replace a physical surround sound setup.

If the Fluance AB40 cannot rival an actual 5.1 setup, then who is this for? The answer is actually quite obvious. It's for those who prefer to keep things simple. This means more room to work with and less cables to manage. Oh, and the convenience of being able to place a TV on top of the soundbase is very nice. My 50-inch Sharp TV just fits on top, enabling me to free up room on the sides for other devices, such as my Xbox One.

The soundbase itself is fairly deep in size, so be sure to have adequate room when deciding where to position it. It's a lot bigger than your traditional soundbar, so keep that in mind.

To get an idea how of I am using the Fluance AB40, check out my weekend vlog right below. If you would like to buy it for yourself, it's available on Amazon for just $249.