David Di Franco


Introducing Twitch Tips

Very few of you may recall back in 2015 that a goal of mine was to purchase an established website. Going this route guarantees several benefits, such as an existing userbase, quality traffic, and a whole lot of backlinks. In other words, picking up a project that has already been worked on may cost a bit of money in the beginning, but in theory the end result will be more than worth it. I'm happy to announce that day has finally come.

I have officially acquired Twitch Tips — and completely redesigned it, for that matter. Twitch Tips is an unofficial resource that is completely dedicated to enhancing a Twitch streamer's experience. From in-depth posts and videos submitted by fellow gamers to a section created solely for showcasing the best technology, Twitch Tips features everything any Twitch streamer will ever need. Let's break it down by page.

Get Started

If you are new to streaming on Twitch, the Get Started page is perfect for you. It features guides on setting up necessary software, like OBS and IRC clients, making it easier to manage your community. This page also features numerous tips on how to gain more followers, stay consistent, and most important of all — create kickass content.


Head on over to the Posts page to discover the best chat moderation bots available, step-by-step guides on setting up your new Elgato capture card, and much more. Because Twitch Tips is heavily focused on community, I strongly advise you to consider submitting your own content to be featured on the site. More information can be found on the Contribute page.


Why read when you can watch? The Videos page features several videos that can help improve your Twitch streams. From the greatest tech to helpful OBS tips, you're sure to learn something new. And don't forget, you can Contribute your own videos!


Perhaps one of the most exciting pages on Twitch Tips, Gear features all kinds of products that can greatly enhance not only your Twitch streams, but your gaming experience as well. This page, while potentially not friendly to your wallet, has all the tech any gamer will ever need. From curved monitors to mechanical keyboards, I think you'll like what you see.

While the all-new Twitch Tips is radically bigger than its predecessor, I would like to extent my gratitude to the original owners of the website.  Your team has certainly done a fantastic job at publishing some truly helpful content. I'm excited to keep things going with my own personal approach. The future of Twitch Tips is a bright one, and I cannot wait to see where it goes.

My fellow gamers, let's game.