David Di Franco


30 Holiday Introduction Titles for Final Cut Pro X

The name Pixel Film Studios might sound familiar. I referenced them a while back, when I originally created a trailer for my patrons-only vlogs — as seen here. That trailer was made possible by a video walls pack called ProWall: Volume 1.  The price of admission is $30, but it was easily worth it for the kind of work that I do.

Fast-forwarding to today, which just happens to be the launch day of 25 Gadgets of Christmas (I promise, this is related), I'm excited to talk about yet another product from Pixel Film Studios that I have been finding to be incredibly useful. It's called ProIntro: Christmas Volume 2 and it has been blowing my little Christmas-obsessed mind.

ProIntro: Christmas Volume 2 is a set of 30 self-animating winter-themed titles that can be used exclusively in Final Cut Pro X — much like the rest of Pixel Film Studios' products. Each title includes the ability of editing not only the text, but also adjusting a variety of elements like snowflake animations and background gradients.

All the controls are presented within an intuitive window, blending in seamlessly with the rest of Final Cut Pro X. The experience as a whole is very straightforward and easy to understand. And I'm very pleased with the price. For just $30, you're getting 30 unique title presets and a ton of options to play around with.

For an example of what ProIntro: Christmas Volume 2 has to offer, check out the first video in my new series, 25 Gadgets of Christmas, right below. Both the intro and outro were created using this title pack. 

Because Christmas videos are a large focus of mine this time of year, I definitely plan on putting these titles to use in future uploads. Gone are the days of boring white text on a black background. Sure, my typical title style is simple and to point, but there's no harm in trying something new. 

To get an idea of all the presets that are included in ProIntro: Christmas Volume 2, check out the official trailer below. I think you'll be impressed, especially if you are a Christmas freak like myself.