David Di Franco


12 Photos Taken Using the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

As an everyday iOS user, I have always admired the kinds of photos that are produced using Android phones — at least within recent years, anyway. For me, it all started with my first Android phone, the LG G4. Watch my review here.

So, what's special about the cameras on Android phones? In my experience, they tend to capture photos with great attention to contrast and overall sharpness. iOS devices, on the other hand, go for a softer, more natural look. Both styles of photography are great for different reasons. It simply comes down to personal preference and the results you are looking to get.

Focusing on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, I am happy to say that my fascination with Android phones continues. I have been having an absolute blast with the cameras on the Note 8. Combine them with Snapseed, my favorite mobile app for editing photos, and you've got yourself an incredible experience that all creatives are sure to enjoy.

Below are 12 photos that I shot using the Note 8. All edits were processed in post using Snapseed.

One particular quality I've noticed with the Note 8 is its ability to capture an impressive amount of detail in low-light situations. This certainly cannot be said for all phones, so props to Samsung for pulling this off. It's also worth noting that the Note 8 uses a dual-lens camera system on its rear, with each lens supporting optical image stabilization.

I plan to delve deeper with the cameras on the Note 8 in the coming days. In the meantime, feel free to check out my "8 Things I Like About the Samsung Galaxy Note 8" video below.