How to Download Videos from Most Popular Sites

If you're like me, then you probably find yourself often wanting to download videos from sites like YouTube, Facebook, etc. This can be super convenient for a variety of reasons, particularly for content creators like myself. Sometimes I even download my own videos from YouTube, rather than searching through old hard drives for the raw file. It's a huge time saver, to say the least.

So, how is it done? How can you easily download videos without jumping through a bunch of hoops and reading your way around what seems like an endless amount of advertisements? I have one tool for you: KeepVid is a free website that allows you to download videos from some of the most popular video sharing sites on the Internet. Below are just a few of the 10,000+ sites supported:

• YouTube • Facebook • Instagram • Twitch • Yahoo!


While all video downloads are free, you're typically limited to a resolution that is lower than the video's original. For example, downloading a 1080p video will grant you access to the 720p version. You can, however, bypass this restriction if you decide to give KeepVid Pro a try — a desktop version of KeepVid, for both macOS and Windows.

KeepVid Pro costs $29.95 for a 1-year license, or $39.95 for a lifetime license. I'm not a KeepVid Pro user (yet), but the latter choice is obviously the better deal.

Aside from downloading videos, KeepVid also supports YouTube-to-MP3 conversion and even the ability to download a video's subtitles. I have not tested subtitles myself, but I can assure you that the MP3 conversion works beautifully.

KeepVid is a tool that I use all the time. I can't imagine my workflow without it.

Why Wix Has Been Blowing My Mind

We have all seen those Wix ads on YouTube. "You need a website. Why not do it yourself?" That's just one example. You know the ones I'm talking about, right? They're the kinds of ads that you see so often, you eventually become curious and see what all the hype is about. That's exactly what I did. As a longtime Squarespace customer, I finally bit the bullet and decided to give Wix a fair try.

But before I go into my initial impressions of Wix, I have one question for myself — "What took you so long?"

Really, what took me so long? I suppose you could say I have been biased to Squarespace for years now. I mean, I'm going on almost ten years. That's a long time to be committed to any kind of product or service.

So, let's talk about Wix and why it's been blowing my mind. There is so much I want to cover, but to save you time, I'm going to focus on the key features that I think most creators will find interesting. For more in-depth coverage of Wix, feel free to check out my walkthrough video below.

  • ULTIMATE FLEXIBILITY - With hardly any limitations in place, Wix allows you to freely move text, images, etc. to any position on your website.
  • FREE STOCK IMAGES - Wix offers thousands of free stock images (and videos) to use at your leisure. Similar stock media would normally cost a fortune once combined.
  • BEAUTIFUL GALLERY LAYOUTS - I've always had a thing for galleries, which is why I am impressed by Wix's offering. From grid layouts to full-width galleries, you are sure to find something that will spruce up your website.
  • VIDEO BACKGROUNDS - Utilizing video backgrounds on your website can be a great way to visually please visitors and entice them to stick around. Wix has a plethora of stylish videos to experiment with.
  • FILE MANAGER - Wix makes keeping track of your files a breeze. Simply upload files that you would like to use on your website (such as images, videos and documents) and they'll be stored securely for access at any time.
  • WIX APP MARKET - Yes, Wix has an entire market of free apps that can be added to your website. From social apps to business tools, this has to be one of my favorite aspects of Wix. The possibilities are endless.
  • FREE DOMAIN NAME - This is common for most website editors/hosts, but I'm glad to see Wix is following the trend. Sign up for one year of service and you get a free domain name. Simple as that.

This is just the beginning of my Wix coverage, as I still have so much more to explore and share. However, if you have any specific feature requests that you would like more information on, please let me know in the comments.

Click the button below to get started with your free Wix website.

12 Photos Taken Using the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

As an everyday iOS user, I have always admired the kinds of photos that are produced using Android phones — at least within recent years, anyway. For me, it all started with my first Android phone, the LG G4. Watch my review here.

So, what's special about the cameras on Android phones? In my experience, they tend to capture photos with great attention to contrast and overall sharpness. iOS devices, on the other hand, go for a softer, more natural look. Both styles of photography are great for different reasons. It simply comes down to personal preference and the results you are looking to get.

Focusing on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, I am happy to say that my fascination with Android phones continues. I have been having an absolute blast with the cameras on the Note 8. Combine them with Snapseed, my favorite mobile app for editing photos, and you've got yourself an incredible experience that all creatives are sure to enjoy.

Below are 12 photos that I shot using the Note 8. All edits were processed in post using Snapseed.

One particular quality I've noticed with the Note 8 is its ability to capture an impressive amount of detail in low-light situations. This certainly cannot be said for all phones, so props to Samsung for pulling this off. It's also worth noting that the Note 8 uses a dual-lens camera system on its rear, with each lens supporting optical image stabilization.

I plan to delve deeper with the cameras on the Note 8 in the coming days. In the meantime, feel free to check out my "8 Things I Like About the Samsung Galaxy Note 8" video below.

Improve Your Mobile Photography Using These Premium Lenses from Moment

Thanks to the always-improving cameras in today's smartphones, the days of requiring an expensive camera to produce quality results are long behind us. Sure, nothing can truly beat what a DSLR is capable of, but at least the majority of users have a good camera that is constantly with them.

The opportunity to 'get the shot' at a moment's notice is huge, but it doesn't have to stop there. As great as your phone's camera may seem, it tends to fall short in two categories of photography: wide-angle and macro

Recently I reviewed two lenses and a photo case from a company called Moment. Considering these are my first products of theirs, I have to say, I'm quite impressed.

As someone who has used less convenient mobile photography solutions, what Moment has created can be viewed as a godsend. The experience begins with the Photo Case, a case that is built to work specifically with a variety of smartphones. From the iPhone 7 to the Pixel XL, this case makes connecting and disconnecting a Moment lens seamless. It's all done within seconds.

During my review, I was fortunate enough to use two lenses from Moment  — one for wide-angle shots and another for achieving detailed macro shots. Each lens will cost you close to $100, so be prepared to spend a little. I can assure you, however, that the price is worth it.

Wide Lens

If wide-angle photography is your thing, then you're going to love this particular lens from Moment. Not only does it allow significantly more information to be captured within frame, but the lack of distortion around the edges in photos is very impressive.

A few test shots that I got myself can be seen below. Be sure to pay attention to the differences when jumping back and forth between before and after.

Macro Lens

Getting close to a subject and studying its details is something all photographers need to experience. Moment's macro lens creates some truly breathtaking results. Focusing on your subject can be a little challenging at times, but if you practice patience, then you'll be capturing detailed macro shots in no time.

Curious about how close this lens can actually get? Just check out my example shots below.

Where to Buy

Moment's products, including the Photo Case, can be found here. If you prefer to go the Amazon route, every item featured in this post can be purchased right below:

Photo Case for iPhone 7 Plus | Wide Lens Macro Lens

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How I Keep Track of My Business Income and Expenses

As a small business owner for several years now, I've discovered over time how critical it is that I keep careful track of my finances. Whether they're incoming or outgoing, each and every payment needs to be accounted for. Doing so is especially important when tax season rolls around. After all, you don't want to miss inputting any important numbers that can have an impact on whether you receive a refund from the government. That's why every finance counts.

So, as a one-man show, how do I make sure everything is tracked accordingly? It's simple. I use an iOS app called Pocket Expense Pro, and it costs just $4.99. It's also available on Android. There is a free version you can download, but going pro means seeing no advertisements whatsoever. And considering how much the app has helped me in recent years, the price of admission is more than worth it.

Pocket Expense is advertised as a personal finance tracker, but there's no reason why it cannot be applied to small businesses. The app allows you to manage your finances in a variety of ways:

  • Track income and expenses in multiple accounts
  • Manage recurring and non-recurring budgets
  • Include photos related to payments for easy reference
  • Support for tracking and payment of bills
  • Password protect sensitive information

As you can tell, Pocket Expense does a lot. Actually, it does far more than I will ever need. I simply use the app on my iPhone to track income and expenses. Any time I am paid by an individual or business, I log it in the app right away.

The same goes for anything I purchase that applies to my work. For example, if I buy myself a new camera, it gets recorded in Pocket Expense — along with any other relevant information, including the price, date of purchase and the merchant I bought it from. It couldn't be easier!

One feature I especially enjoy is support for recurring payments. This is quite useful for those monthly bills, such as web hosting and any other services that I pay for every month. Pocket Expense takes care of the work for me, which is something I definitely appreciate. Isn't automation bliss?

Probably the best feature of all, and this is perfect for users like myself who own too many gadgets, is the ability to sync Pocket Expense across multiple devices. This means that if I update my finances on my iPhone, those changes will instantly reflect on my iPad Pro — and vice versa. This also goes for Android devices.

Simply put, Pocket Expense is great. I honestly cannot imagine managing my business without it. It makes my daily routine that much easier. Download it for free, give it a try, and let me know what you think.

Download here: iOS | Android