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I'm 32 years old, and I am a self-employed content creator. Throughout the past 10+ years, the Internet has changed my life in a way that I'll never forget. Thanks to all the opportunities that are available today, I am able to do something that I truly enjoy and call it my job. It's also allowed me to meet real people who I now consider close friends. Considering everything it has done for me, I can proudly say that I am addicted to the Internet.

So, what exactly do I do? What defines me as a content creator? Allow me to break it down.


Whether it's with my Canon 80D or iPhone 7 Plus, getting the right shot is always important to me. I especially enjoy editing my work and sharing it with an audience, particularly my followers on social media.

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Video Creator

First and foremost, creating YouTube videos is what I'm primarily known for. Video topics can often vary, but most of my attention is focused on sharing family vlogs, as well as technology reviews and unboxings.

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Graphic Designer

A significant portion of my daily workflow deals with graphic design and web design. I am well-versed in a variety of design-centric applications and platforms, such as Photoshop, Squarespace and WordPress.

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While I am certainly no novelist, putting thoughts into words is something I have always enjoyed doing. Between posting on my blog and writing new content in the form of articles, I can proudly call myself a blogger.

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Brand Influencer

Having worked with a variety of companies in recent years, I have plenty of experience as a brand influencer. This experience has enabled me to promote and partner with some of the Internet's most iconic brands.

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Affiliate Marketer

As someone who is obsessed with owning the latest technology, why not promote it and earn commission in the process? After all, it's a nice way of adding a bit of extra income to my earnings.

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